What is meant by “Industry Certification”?

When an individual enters the industry to practise for the first time, he or she may initially be accepted by fellow practitioners with some reservation. There is a reason for this: the newcomer has yet to prove his or her competence, value or ability to work in a team. Compared with an experienced and competent practitioner, the newcomer is considered to be starting from zero even though he or she may have a university degree. The newcomer will have to prove his or her worth in the industry in order to be accepted or recognised as part of the fraternity.Being accepted or recognised by the industry is very important because successful industries always emerge from a base of competent and experienced workers.Industry certification is a process of certification by industry professionals by means of which an individual is evaluated and recognised in his or her field of work.Being recognised by the industry is very valuable because it gives a practitioner a distinct status or a “moral license to practise” in the industry.


How does a person obtain his industry recognition?

A person can obtain industry recognition or certification by first joining CCIG Malaysia as an ordinary member. The next step is presenting his or her job portfolio to a seven-member certification panel appointed under an industry-led framework called the Creative Content Industry Recognition Framework, or CCIRF. Three tiers of certification are provided – Practitioner, Advanced and Professional.

CCIRF is administered by CCIG, an industry-led body, tasked with providing industry recognition to all practitioners via specific certification processes.

Unlike the well-known MQF (Malaysian Qualification Framework), CCIRF focuses on the experience, skill, contribution and achievement of a practitioner. This is a major difference in approach because CCIRF evaluates “what has been delivered for the industry” instead of academic achievement.