Frequently Asked Questions

What is CCIG Malaysia? 

The Creative Content Industry Guild (CCIG) Malaysia was initiated by the creative industry and government of Malaysia through the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP). CCIG offers membership and valuable industry-led certification to creative content industry practitioners. At present, CCIG is overseen and supported by the government through limited funding from PEMANDU (Performance Management Delivery Unit) via FINAS (National Film Development Corporation Malaysia). CCIG was registered with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia on 23 August 2011. Kindly refer to this link for more information.

What makes CCIG different with other local associations and guilds? 

CCIG was established with the main objective of helping to achieve the government’s mission as laid out under the ETP. In order to harness the great potential of the creative content industry, it is essential for it to be given a more effective and proper structure. As part of this process, the industry practitioners need to enhance their skills and become ever more adaptable to evolving international requirements. CCIG’s role, among other things, is to help improve the potential of industry practitioners.

Who should register with CCIG? 

CCIG membership is open to individuals who are involved directly or indirectly in the creative multimedia sector such as in TV and Film Production, Advertising, Design, Animation, Digital Content and Music. Kindly refer to this link for more information.

How to become a member? 

The CCIG Membership application form can be downloaded here. The completed form should be sent to with a copy of your ID and a passport-sized photo. Any updates will be notified via email or SMS after approval.

What benefits will I get after I register with CCIG? 

Besides the benefits (link) earned, registered members will be given a book containing the CCIG Constitution and a membership card which can be collected from CCIG’s office. Member profiles and portfolios will also be uploaded to the CCIG web portal. It is intended that the portal will become the most reliable hub for those seeking potential job opportunities in the creative industry in Malaysia. Members will also be updated on news relating to Malaysia’s creative industry and will be given priority at any CCIG-linked events, training and activities. Kindly refer to this link for more information.

Are there any charges or fees to register as CCIG member? 

At present, the registration fee for new memberships is waived as is the first year’s annual membership fee. However, for subsequent years, an annual fee will be payable by members. Kindly refer to this link for the fee structure and payment methods.

What is “CE”, “Certification Exercise” or “Certification Programme”? 

These terms refer to an evaluation session for creative industry practitioners. During this session, candidates will present their job portfolios to a seven-member certification panel appointed under an industry-led framework called the Creative Content Industry Recognition Framework, or CCIRF. Three tiers of certification are provided – Practitioner, Advanced and Professional. Kindly refer to this link for more information.

Who can apply for the Certification Exercise (CE)? 

An applicant must be a registered Ordinary Member of CCIG, meet the specified standards and requirements and voluntarily wish to be certified. Application is also open to those who were not successful during a previous session and to those who want to upgrade their certification status for the related role or field. Kindly refer to this link for more information.

How to apply for the Certification Exercise (CE)? 

CCIG Application for AE form can be downloaded here. The completed form must be sent to with 1 copy of your ID/passport-sized photo. Please bring along your work samples/video reel/portfolio during the session. Any updates will be notified via email or SMS after approval. Link for the process of application, certification session, approval and result announcement.

Are there any charges or fees for the Certification Exercise (CE)? 

Yes. RM50.00 fee (per session) will only be charged once the candidates had been certified. To those who was not successful in the previous sessions (not eligible for the certification status), no fee will be charged. Payment can be made by the certified members when collecting their certification certificate and certified membership card at the CCIG office (after announcement of the certification results).

Who are the panel members for the AE session?

The panel members consist of 7 individuals: 3 experts/professionals of that role (mandatory), 2 experts/professionals of that related field, 1 government authority (mandatory) and 1 academician (mandatory). They are appointed and recommended based on their experience, involvement or expertise in the creative content industry.
What happens once I successfully complete the AE? 

Any updates will be notified via email or SMS after approval. Besides the benefits (link) earned as a certified members, certified practitioners can collect their certificate and new certified membership card at CCIG office. As mentioned above, your profile and portfolios will also be highlighted and updated in the CCIG web portal (database). Apart from notifying latest news and opportunities within the industry, we will also give continuous updates on the CCIG members’ privileges from time to time.

Will CCIG certification and recognition help to increase my salary? 

Currently, the payment fees for local workers are quite subjective. Nevertheless, eventually all creative industry workers certified by CCIG will be given priority in terms of job opportunities, and based on CCIG’s strict rules in certifying talents, the industry will be able to see that talents recognized by CCIG are trusted, reliable and conforms to the current industry standards.

How I can view, access or update my profile on the CCIG web portal (database)? 

Anyone can contact or view your profile at CCIG web portal. Only you (registered member) can access or update your portfolio such as personal information, photos, artworks or videos. Tutorial on how to update your profile at CCIG web portal will be provided.