From CEO Office
CCIG Malaysia (CCIG) is an industry certification body for creative content practitioners in Malaysia. Having acknowledged that the creative content industry has very high income potential, the government of Malaysia has recognised the need to build up the country’s rich human capital assets so that investors and producers – as well as the rest of the industry – can greatly benefit from it.

CCIG helps achieve this aim by enhancing practitioners’ value through its Certification Programme. Certified workers command more respect from producers and investors.

With this programme, local practitioners are now able to identify their relative career status positioning with respect to each other. Practitioners can obtain certification at three levels – Practitioner, Advanced and Professional – depending on evaluation of their portfolios.

The CCIG Certification Programme is industry-led – it has been created by the industry itself and applied to industry professionals. Job standards are set at cluster expert meetings and these standards then serve as points of reference for the respective cluster certification panels. A candidate seeking certification will be called to present his or her portfolio in a scheduled interview.

In short, CCIG is an instrument of human capital transformation capable of harnessing the industry’s high income potential.Get yourself registered with CCIG – presently at no cost – and get certified by the industry.