Creative Content is a New Key Economic Area (NKEA) promoted by the Malaysian government in its Economic Transformation Programme (ETP). In order to increase the professionalism of human capital in the creative industry, and following discussions with industry professionals, the government has established an independent NGO, the Creative Content Industry Guild (CCIG) Malaysia, to represent industry practitioners.


About CCIG

CCIG was registered with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia on 23 August 2011.

At present, it is supported by the government through limited funding from PEMANDU via FINAS.

CCIG is governed by its Constitution and a Council consisting of 14 elected practitioners (if the need arises, three additional members may be appointed by the Chairman and agreed to by the Council). Council members (or Ahli Majlis Kerja) are elected every three years at the CCIG’s Annual General Meeting. Council members are elected from among certified members based on their standing, leadership, experience, involvement and expertise within the creative content industry.

The management of CCIG is headed by a Chief Executive Officer. Presently its four functional departments are Accreditation Secretariat, Membership Affairs, Practitioners’ Registry Portal, and Administration and Accounts.

  • Human Capital Development
  • Legislation & Policy
  • Benefit, Welfare & Rights
  • Financial
  • Public relation & Govt. Liason
  • International Relations
  • Advertising & Promotions
  • Information, Directory & Database
  • Research & Development